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  • XTR Midrange drivers

    The most efficient Midranges in the marketplace! The XTX84F offers an intense high response to the midlevel frequency and can very well handle the Mid-High frequencies. Just like the XTX this unit is more engrossed in its incredibly powerful Mid-bass.

  • HCCA Subwoofers

    So you want the best in a SPL woofer? Well, look no further. The new Orion HCCA subwoofers are the baddest subs on the planet. Hands down! You could call our HCCA sub a super woofer!  but really it's the superior woofer!

  • XTR Amplifier

    When it comes to delivering the kind of power required for truly hardcore SPL enthusiasts, few brands can really compete against the Orion brand. The XTR3700.1D, a class-D monoblock amplifier designed to perform everywhere, from SPL contest lanes to your daily driver.

  • HCCA 6.5” Component

    Match the frighteningly powerful HCCA subwoofers with new HCCA Components that sound as awesome as they look and you're ready for action!

  • Cobalt Tweeter

    The Cobalt Midranges were made with the best and most efficient technology. Tested in our laboratories and most important, in street cars; it has been proven to simply the best in the market!

  • Cobalt 5 Channel Amp

    With more power and quality the Cobalt 5 Channel Amp takes up minimal space for an output of supersonic power.


hcca: 20,000 watts of competition fury

The new orion HCCA Subwoofers are the baddest subs on the planet. Hansdown. You could call our HCCA sub a "super woofer", but really it's the superior woofer!.

With it's massive 4" high temp voice coil and immense motor, this subwoofer can reach as much as 4" of travel and everyone knows that more travel equals more BASS!