Hard Core Attitude
Since the beginning, ORION has been all about high performance car audio and hardcore attitude. Attitude that’s hammered into the DNA of every piece of industrial-strength piece of ORION car audio equipment, and the players who use and abuse it, the bass-heads and the boulevard bullies who will testify that the baddest car and the loudest system ride on the same chassis - theirs! SPL competitors, world champions, hot-rods and urban cruisers alike are motivated to roll with the bulletproof performance and legendary muscle that is ORION car audio.
ORION Technology
Every ORION amp, sub and speaker is designed from the ground up by audio engineers and product specialists dedicated to the heritage, attitude and raw hardcore power of ORION. Never anything “off the shelf” - only off the hook outrageous performance from carefully designed and engineered components, manufactured from pure metals and mill-spec components to exact specifications.
The new ORION car sound line-up proudly continues ORION’s legacy, standing up once again as the best and the strongest in the market overflowing with wanna-be’s and chrome plated posers.

Company History
ORION started in three office spaces on River Road in Tempe, Arizona, USA in 1984. The initial ORION product line debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, 1985.
ORION left the River Road complex in 1987. The complex in River Road had already expanded by 5,000 square feet but that was not big enough. The growing company moved to West Julie Drive. The complex at Julie Drive was originally 15,000 square feet but by 1990 it had doubled again in size. By 1990, the company had grown to 11 employees and had 600 dealers in the US and 14 in foreign countries.

ORION enjoyed many years of success, and was acquired by Directed Electronics USA in 2001. At CES in January, 2003, Directed re-launched the ORION line to great acclaim. The following year at CES 2004, ORION won the coveted “Innovation Award” for the powerful ORION H2 15.2 subwoofer with Dual Gap Geometry.

ORION products were SPL monsters, just like hardcore ORION fans expected, but one thing was still missing:  the HCCA legacy. At CES 2005, ORION re-launched the HCCA amplifier line and the D5000, a 5000 watt peak amplifier, ORION’s largest amplifier to date. The HCCA line continued to grow and spark interest with the release of the next generation HCCA subwoofers in January, 2007. Loyal ORION fans remember the HCCA subs of the late 1990s and were blown away by the new HCCA subwoofer line. With power handling of 4000 watts peak and over 5000 watts in burpa, the new HCCA subs raised the benchmark for completely sick SPL woofers.

In 2009, ORION’s 25th Silver Anniversary year, the legend went back to the front with the return of XTR, XTRPRO, the debut of ORION's most powerful HCCA amplifier ever, and all new affordable COBALT range that rocks the house without breaking the bank. All of these sub-brands now display the classic ORION logo.


30 years later, ORION has come full circle and is ready to once again take the industry by the throat and shake it up with a return to the glories of the American road: fast cars, hot women, and the most hardcore ORION speakers, amps and subs ever!

In Australia and New Zealand, the Orion brand is proudly distributed by Directed Electronics Australia (DEA), a company with a very long history in delivering the best in car audio and electronics. You can contact DEA here.