Cobalt's back... and coming after other would-be players. With more bass in your face, and more hard pounding watts for your hard-earned dollar! These solid, efficient performers can take some punishment and still deliver a clean, powerful signal. You'll hear finely detailed sound even at high volume. Get a piece of the Orion legacy without breakin' the bank – with COBALT.

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    You’re here, so we know you’re someone who needs more power! The best way to get more out of your car audio system is to pump up the volume with Orion’s extensive line-up of Amplifiers featuring HCCA™ Mono Block, XTR™ High Performance and Cobalt™ Amplifiers. Technology, quality and extreme power are combined to create efficient and supremely powerful Orion amplifiers to satisfy the most demanding players.


    No true car audio system is complete without bass, in all its big bad assed glory! Orion brings you a wide variety of size, power and style with subwoofers from their HCCA™, XTR™, XTRPRO™ and Cobalt™ lines. Born with a bad attitude and the muscle to back it up, these subs hit harder and stronger than other wanna-be players.


    Need your sound array focused? Orion coaxial speakers offer multiple choices in various driver sizes, power and number, all giving you the sound quality, efficiency and performance you expect from their XTR™, HCCA and Cobalt™ lines.


    Maximize your speaker performance with Orion components. Orion Tweeters, Midrange, and Component Kits from their HCCA™, XTR™ and Cobalt™ lines give you the flexibility to design the perfect system. Keeping their cool when the music heats up, Orion component speakers show no mercy.