Cobalt's back... and coming after other would-be players. With more bass in your face, and more hard pounding watts for your hard-earned dollar! These solid, efficient performers can take some punishment and still deliver a clean, powerful signal. You'll hear finely detailed sound even at high volume. Get a piece of the Orion legacy – with COBALT.


Orion’s new Cobalt amplifiers are here to change the complete vision of the car audio market. Offering more power, more quality and a more bang for your buck than any of their close competitors.

Orion Cobalt presents its new look and extended 16 line amplifier range which includes 3 x 2 channel, 4 x 4 channel, 2 x 5 channel, 2 x Mono Block Class AB and 5 x Class D amplifiers. The new Cobalt range delivers you variety and total performance satisfaction. Orion’s new Cobalt amplifiers handle power ratings from 300 watts up to a powerful Class D for Subwoofers capable of handling 5000 watts @ 1 ohm.

Quality, power and pricing all come together with Cobalt to create the most efficient amplifier dollar per watt that the industry has ever seen, delivering the power that has always characterised and defined Orion Car Audio.

Orion Cobalt Subwoofers come with a series of improvements to bring you more bounce to the ounce including more efficiency, better power and extensive improvements in sound quality.

Changes over the previous Cobalt range include new surrounds, increased excursion travel, improved low frequency response and a new innovative voice coil that allows for much greater control of temperature.

Orion proudly states that Cobalt Subwoofers are the only entry level Subwoofers to make real power totally effective. Orion has also added the Dual Voice Coils series (DVC) that extends the possibilities and options of Cobalt Subwoofer product installation. For the car audio market enthusiast, Cobalt offers the best sound and the highest quality in its price bracket.

Orion’s complete Cobalt Coaxial range has been seriously beefed up in power, sound quality, efficiency and value proving once again, Cobalt is the best value option available in the car audio market, bar none

Orion’s Cobalt series brings a deep range of 6, 8, and 10 inch Midrange speakers to the market as well as a variety of bullet tweeter models. These new designs allow Cobalt to join the fast growing and demanding market of high efficiency speaker requirements that is in high demand in the world of car audio.

Cobalt Midrange speakers are made with the highest quality and most efficient technology in the market today. Tested in our laboratories and in real street cars, they offer excellent value for performance.

Cobalt’s Bullet Tweeters set themselves apart from the competition by offering an aggressive product for the car audio enthusiast who is eager to show and feel the power of Orion Car Audio in their ride.