Born in the 1980's at the dawn of the mobile audio revolution, HCCA™ put the industry and the competition world on notice that Orion® was a force to be reckoned with. A world leader in competition lane mayhem for more than 20 years, HCCA™ gear is what you need to be the loudest, the lowest and the strongest system in the joint. Take the subwoofer challenge and prove to yourself that HCCA is the king of the SPL heap!


Orion has returned the HCCA range of amplifiers to the record breaking ground shaking super powerful sound machine days of the past with this new explosive range. HCCA class D amplifier power is calculated at only 12.6 volts, and with only 0.5% THD, the power of these legendary amplifiers is out of this world.

All of Orion’s HCCA 4 channel and 2 channel amps have been modified to incorporate a high pass cut system that allows you to multiply frequency by 10 and take it all the way to 15khz.

Technology, quality and extreme power all come together to create the world’s most efficient and powerful amplifiers in Orion’s HCCA range, satisfying the most demanding car audio purists and delivering the earth shattering performance of the Orion HCCA heritage.

Orion has reloaded their legendary HCCA range of Subwoofers by adding a new higher quality and higher powered voice coil, increasing power, performance and temperature control, all of which combine to satisfy the most demanding requirements of HCCA customers and fans and continuing the legend of HCCA.

Orion’s HCCA, legendary for its power is now more powerful than ever.
Orion HCCA brings two series’ of neodymium midranges to their line-up, achieving the highest power and efficiency available to control mid-high frequencies. HCCA “N” features midranges from 6.5” to 10” with intense power and efficiency.

With HCCA’s extreme competition “NHP” series, Orion has created one of the most powerful and efficient Mids in the history of car audio. Even for those who dare to compare this “NHP” series with the best Mids of Orion’s global competitors, the power and performance of Orion HCCA NHP Mids prove without doubt they are the pinnacle of superior performance.

Independent audio lab test results have demonstrated that the new range of HCCA Mids and Tweeters offer a never before seen midrange that in itself is completely out of the ordinary. The HCCA TN1 tweeter in neodymium is the most efficient bullet tweeter product that exists in the car audio market. HCCA’s TN1 has absolutely no comparison with any other bullet tweeter available in the market today. 118 dB 1w/1m, a curve capable of reaching a genuine 26 kHz, frequency stability and sound quality all conspire to make Orion’s HCCA TN1 the best bullet tweeter on the planet.