AVR 6.1
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AVR6.1 Audio Visual Navigation Receiver

Incar entertainment has just been taken to another level with the highly anticipated release of the new Orion AVR6.1 Media Centre. Boasting a greater feature list than any other unit on the market and combined with fastest processing speeds, the Orion AVR6.1 is ready to complete the perfect audio system.

DAB+ It’s radio as you know it plus...

You asked for it so we gave it to you! Australia’s first Double Din to feature a DAB+ Receiver in-built. CD quality radio transmission is now at your finger tips, with the added bonuses of digital only stations and track and radio show information displayed on your screen.

Navigation On-Board

Never get lost again with iGo Primo Navigation paired with the latest Navteq maps. Easy to use, feature packed menu offering you over 600,000 Points of Interest, Overhead lane guidance and Off-Road Hema maps to name a few. It’s incar navigation the way it should be!

Bluetooth Connectivity

No more missed calls while your driving, the Orion AVR6.1 features both Bluetooth Handsfree and Music Streaming. Download your phonebook and access all your contacts directly from the unit. Change music tracks via the touchscreen while streaming music. If you have been waiting for a unit that has it all, the wait is finally over!

As an automotive grade unit, map upgrades are available annually. The major update created by the mapping companies is generally generated in the first quarter of each year with the release date scheduled for second quarter.
In order to update the AVR6.1 Maps please follow the instructions in the below user guides.
You will need to create a free account at https://www.naviextras.com/
  1. Click here to download Naviextras Website Guide
  2. Click here to download AVR6.1 Update Guide


  1. Does this unit have rear input for external TV tuner? No, use the 3.5mm (Quad pin type) pin.
  2. How do I adjust the Navigation Volume? Only during `Navi- Voice` over, by… Pressing Nav, Set Route, Wait till Voice Over, Adjust Vol.
  3. Where is the best position for DAB+ and GPS antennas? As high as possible with good all round clearance.
  4. How do I access the HEMA Maps/POI etc? Make sure 4WD is turned on in settings.
  5. Can I hook up the speedo in the menu? No.
  6. How do the steering wheel controls work? Set > System > Steering Controls
  7. Can I use more than one phone connected on Bluetooth? Yes, but no simultaneously. Up to 8 devices can be paired.
  8. The unit does not see my iPod? Use only the supplied USB/iPod Cable. Check the correct USB (1 or 2) has been selected.
  9. How do I use a rear video input? There is NO Video input at the rear of this unit.
  10. How do I upgrade maps with the advertised 3 Years Free Map Upgrades? Go to naviextras.com
  11. Why does my iPod sound distorted? iPod / iPhone Settings > Equaliser > OFF
  12. Can I use call waiting via Bluetooth? No
  13. Is there an alternative DAB+ Antenna? Yes, GMDAB3L on glass type.
  14. Does Video work at the same time as Navigation? No, except for Dual Zone when video is sent to rear screen output.
  15. Are there firmware upgrades for Bluetooth and iPod compatibility? No
  16. Why can't I see movie files via USB? Ensure movie size is no larger than 720 x 480.
  17. Microphone audio sounds like it's underwater! Move your mobile phone further away from the AVR6.1
  18. Why isn't there DAB+ stations? You must press scan first to initially receive DAB+ stations (See Page 34)
  19. Why can't I still receive DAB+ stations? DAB+ signal is currently only available in selected regions.
  20. Why can't I still receive DAB+ stations? Check that DAB+ antenna has been correctly installed / connected.
  21. Why doesn't my pre-connected iPod work when turning unit on? Disconnect the iPod from the AVR6.1 iPod cable and then reconnect it.
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