If you like crunching the numbers or getting your hands dirty, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to the extensive Orion car audio product information available on this website, here die hard car audio freaks can get right into the nitty gritty of the technical elements of the Orion range including sub box enclosure calculators, wiring configuration diagrams and 3D interactive demos and feature call outs.





interactive Enclosurecalc

Click the image above to view Orion’s legendary HCCA subs in all their glory including a 360° rotating 3D product viewer, interactive feature set demo, extreme close up magnifier and detailed specification tables.

Need help with the wiring configuration of your Orion subwoofer and amplifier setup?
Click the image above to visit our wiring calculator for wiring diagrams and instructions for multiple configurations.

Need to know what size, dimensions or volume to make your Orion subwoofer enclosure?
Want detailed specs on your Orion subwoofer?
Click the image above to visit our subwoofer enclosure calculator.


These technical guides are available to give you a greater understanding of our products and how they can be set up to get the most out of your Orion car audio experience.
To ensure that your setup is appropriate for your requirements we encourage you to seek professional installation and configuration advice from one of our many Orion dealers throughout Australia via our Dealer Locator.