Built on a reputation of quality and reliability, Orion XTR products are is designed for car audio enthusiasts that demand maximum performance at a midrange price. Packing an extremely powerful punch for their size, XTR products stay true to the Orion® legacy of flexing bodies and punishing SPL!


Orion’s XTR amplifier line offers more choice than ever before to cater to the wide requirements of the modern car audio enthusiast. Now with 4 x 2 channel, 5 x 4 channel and 4 x mono block amplifiers, this line-up brings the specs you need for awesome car audio power.

The XTR series innovates by offering the best power in their Class D mono subwoofer amplifier series which is calculated at only 12.6 Volt; proving XTR amplifiers offer real power with high efficiency and quality sound.

XTR 4 channel and 2 channel amps have been ramped up by incorporating a system in the high pass cut that multiplies frequency by 10 to deliver up to 15 KHz.
XTR amplifiers lay down the power and deliver the results you need.

Orion’s XTR Subwoofers bring much higher power and improved low frequency response compared to its predecessor. High efficiency and more power – just what the Orion doctor ordered!

High efficiency, more power and better quality sound together with a new basket design are just a few of the new features that will deliver the total power generated by XTR subwoofers when you crank it up and start flexing.
Orion’s complete XTR Coaxial speaker range has been significantly upgraded offering more power, higher sound quality, greater efficiency and the best value for money available for such high quality speakers.

XTR coaxial speakers offer unrivalled performance. Step up pretenders!

Orion continues to improve its impressive XTR series by adding a complete line of Midrange speakers in 6”, 8” and 10”and a range of XTR Bullet Tweeters. The XTR range supports Orion’s strategy to completely satisfy the increasing demand of today’s car audio enthusiasts desire for high efficiency products.

Orion’s XTR Midrange ferrite series is designed to be extremely efficient. The XTH series offers super high response to midlevel frequencies and handles mid-high frequencies in the style of European midranges.

Orion’s XTX range is completely focused on a highly powerful mid-bass offering.