Crusin' the streets and hunting the competition, meet XTR's big brother! Twice the power of the XTR with all the trimmings. Born with a bad attitude and the muscle to back it up, XTR PRO subs hit harder and stronger than other wanna-be players.


With the most powerful XTR PRO Subwoofer line-up of all time together with the latest in innovation, XTR PRO represents the true essence of Orion Car Audio. From the beginning, Orion has been considered a brand of High Prestige and true Power in the industry. Looking back at the philosophy of Orion Car Audio, we have created a truly powerful new generation of XTR PRO Subwoofers.

An impressive new aluminium basket and the highest quality materials together with the latest in technology is what it takes to make XTR PRO Subwoofers the absolute best of their class in the market.

Orion’s new XTR PRO range has also added a new re-cone kit system, very similar in design to their super powerful Orion HCCA subwoofer design, allowing for easy part replacement, a unique and innovative system developed exclusively by Orion Car Audio.

The high power, high performance and high efficiency of XTR PRO Subwoofers are sure to get chins wagging.

Orion XTR PRO – Proud To Be Loud!